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Hushed Invaders

Emily Manther is lost in a world of lost souls. Raised in an orphanage by strangers and bullied at school, she doesn’t have any hope for the future until she confronts her bully, John Mills. But did John mean to destroy her or is he acting under an external influence?


These are strange times with rumours of war, mayhem and terror. Emily doesn’t have all the answers, but there is one thing she knows for sure. She is irrevocably attracted to John, even against her own will. 


Hushed Invaders is a standalone YA dystopian romance novel that features action, surprising plot twists, compelling characters and a kick-ass female heroine. If you liked the Maze Runner or Divergent, then you'll love this new adventure. ​

A Princess Tale: The Poseidon Kingdom series - Book 1


A Rebellious Princess. A Divided Kingdom. A Rotten Family.

Princess Ajaniame is set to marry the most eligible bachelor in Atlantis, the biggest event the kingdom has seen in decades. A dream come true for every female, but a dreaded nightmare for a princess who just wants to be left alone. Freedom is her most prized possession.


Yet within her heart is a longing for something, a desire that cannot be named but must remain buried in the depths of her soul. Surrounded by a rotten family and secret enemies on all sides, whom can she trust? How can she save herself and bring peace to the Northern Kingdom, the last stronghold of Poseidon.

The Serpent King: The Poseidon Kingdom series - Book 2

A Defeated Princess. A Conquered Nation. A Vengeful God

Princess Ajaniame is defeated. Her family is broken, her people are scattered and her sweetheart is nowhere to be found. Captured by the Serpent King, who is determined to possess her for himself, who can she rely upon? This is not the Atlantis she knew but a strange kingdom of humans and giants.


A bloodthirsty land, where every person is interested in more power and wealth by any means. But how long will the gods watch in silence as they destroy one another? Maybe the rumours are true. Poseidon is angry and he's about to unleash the most terrible punishment! Something that will wipe away the memory of their existence from the face of the earth forever.

D. L. Akosua